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Educational Scholarships and Grants

The objectives of the educational scholarship and grant program of the  Saint Andrews Society of Williamsburg, Virginia, are:

 To encourage and promote the study of the history, traditions, and culture of Scotland,

 To highlight the contributions and influence of immigrant Scots in the development of the United States; and

To promote, foster, undertake, and encourage research, education, and the dissemination of information concerning the history of Scots and their traditions and culture.

To further these objectives, the Society has established the Ken Graham Educational and Charitable Fund.  The Fund provides financial support through Scholarships, Grants, and Donations.


Scholarships are awarded annually to individuals seeking degrees from institutions of higher learning in the United States and Great Britain to further their knowledge in areas related to Scottish history, culture, and traditions. The Society encourages young people of Scottish ancestry to apply for a scholarship to pursue Scottish related degrees; however, awards are not limited to young people or those of Scottish ancestry.

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Grants may be awarded annually to individuals seeking advanced instruction at schools or training courses in the United States in piping, drumming, Clarsach (harp) Highland Dance, Gaelic language instruction, or other Scottish related courses of study taught by a qualified teacher.

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